Application of the Layered Model Management System in an interactive map of the university campus

Damian Faustryjak, Michał Majchrowicz, Lidia Jackowska-Strumiłło


The paper presents a web application for navigation through the university campus, which is based on Global Positioning System GPS and Open Street Map. The application has a multilayer structure and multi-labelling support. The proposed solution ensures better management of visual data more efficient image processing comparing to the other known methods. With the new search system, users can place a lot of information on one layer without losing the legibility of displayed data. All the information that was displayed on the map was grouped and assigned to the appropriate categories.Therefore a map contains a lot of related information that needs to be linked to each other. The system has been divided into modules that ensure the integrity of the displayed things. Presenting so much information at the same time is managed by modules. Their main job is to provide results that is then segregated and grouped. System presented in this paper was applied for Lodz University of Technology.


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